Marie McPartlin



Marie McPartlin was born in Manorhamilton but grew up from the age of eight in Calry. She attended Calry national school and received her secondary education at the Mercy College, Sligo.  After secondary school she went on to Sligo Regional Technical College (now the IT Sligo) where she took a course in Office Administration.  Her first job was with J.C. Cole Ltd – a company that dealt only with buying and selling sugar.

She spent the next 20 years prioritizing her time in rearing two sons but also worked in several positions around Sligo including Cregg House, the Institute of Technology Sligo, Davitt Foods Ltd and the Craftsman Press Ltd.  Marie developed a keen interest in alternative therapies and everything metaphysical, and trained as an energy therapist which includes, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Theta and other techniques.  She also trained as a Life Coach.

Marie enjoys travelling, facilitating meditation groups, spirituality, cooking, reading, crochet, and a little bit of culture now and again. She is a founding member of Calry Local History Society and still maintains strong links with the Calry area.

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