This site is primarily an historical archive covering a wide array of subjects such as geography, archaeology, science, demographics, sport, recreation, property ownership, commerce, agriculture, transport, education, politics, religion, social issues, folklore, the arts and other relevant themes.

In essence, the archive is about people, places, events and the legacy left by their interactions. As a guiding principle, the Memory of Calry site has been organized in a way that provides users with access to the information they need in three mouse clicks or less. It is also mobile and tablet friendly.

The site content is structured around a main menu system comprised of the following sections:

  • Calry Landscape
  • History of Calry
  • People of Calry
  • School Days
  • Sport and Recreation
  • The Calry Chronicle
  • Photo Gallery

Calry Landscape

This section deals with the physical setting of the civil parish of Calry. Various aspects of the natural beauty of Calry are presented with places of interest highlighted.

History of Calry

Aspects of the history of Calry from the Prehistory era down to the present day are presented in chronological order on a timeline.

People of Calry

Recorded information is presented in chronological order on the people who lived in Calry from the 17th century down to the present. Some details on property ownership is also included where available.

School Days

Information on schools and other institutions located in the parish is presented based on published sources and the recollections of parish residents.

Sport and Recreation

The sense of strong community spirit that has existed in the area, and is manifested through active participation in clubs and societies covering a range of sporting, social and cultural activities, is presented in alphabetical order.

The Calry Chronicle

This is a collection of stories written by Society members and other contributors on a wide array of topics of relevance to the area.

Photo Gallery

The gallery is an archive of photographs of Calry down through the years. Old photos are scanned to a high resolution and the owner is credited upon request.

The site also provides links to other sites of interest:

The Facebook group I live / lived in Calry is a valuable social media networking tool for linking people associated with Calry so if you are on Facebook you are encouraged to subscribe to this group by sending an email to and then access the news feed available.

Sligo Heritage and History Club is a Facebook group that aims to share information on the heritage and history of Sligo town and county, and that part of the town of Sligo north of the Garavogue river is located in the civil parish of Calry.

The Hazelwood Heritage Society is dedicated to recognising the unique role of Hazelwood House, seat of the Wynne family, as part of our built heritage in the North West.

Clogher Graveyard Online is the result of a 2017 project of Calry Local History Society, supported by Sligo County Council and the Heritage Council, that provides access to all marked graves in Clogher Graveyard, Calry.

Michael A. Hargadon 2018 Commemoration is another project of Calry Local History Society, carried out in August 2018 to celebrate the life and works of the local poet Michael Hargadon (1888-1968). The commemoration has its own dedicated website.

We hope that you enjoy browsing Memory of Calry and find it interesting and engaging. It is an ongoing project of Calry Local History Society and is constantly updated. Please return at a later date to see the most recent changes. If you find mistakes or would like to see additional subject matter then please send an email to to improve the coverage of the information presented.