The Memory of Calry website offers a warmly nostalgic journey into the past, to people and events that I had forgotten.

James WallsCabra, Dublin, Ireland

This website is a fascinating source of Calry history and Gerard Cunningham’s knowledge is amazing, and has led to me making contact with family members I didn’t know!

Olive McCormack (nee Lindsay)UK

I am amazed by the incredible work that has gone into the Memory of Calry website. As a grand daughter of Theo Anderson and great niece of his brothers Berty and Percy I am delighted to be able to find out so much information about the history of the area its families and scenery. Living nearby in Dromahair County Leitrim, passing through Calry on the way to Sligo will be a new and exciting experience! Congratulations to Gerry Cunningham and all those involved.

Mary Luthers (nee Anderson)Dromahair, Leitrim, Ireland

I’m impressed by Memory of Calry website. The history element I find most interesting – how national events impacted on Calry. The associated link – I live/lived in Calry – keeps me up to date with events and people in today’s Calry. Well done!

Frazer DennisonReading, Berkshire, UK

Undertaking family research for family in Ireland when you are based half way around the world in Tasmania, Australia is heavily reliant on access to websites providing relevant information.  The Memory of Calry website is ideal to provide the history, geographic and political/administrative background for the townland of Calry, location of the family I am researching, and I was particularly pleased to find various mention of the Anderson family, including a full article!  There is a wealth of information in any region worth recording for future generations and Calry is no different – please don’t let it disappear or be forgotten, instead give it to a website such as Memory of Calry.     

Alex NicholsonTasmania, Australia

Memory of Calry website is a very ambitious project put together by the dedicated members of the Local History Society. It covers a wide range of interests with clarity and obvious enthusiasm. You could spend a happy hour or two browsing the content and still have more to find on the next visit. There can’t be many local history societies which can boast as good a resource as this one. 

Eddie BrittainManchester, UK

The Memory of Calry website is really interesting and informative. It is beautifully presented with eye -catching photographs, comprehensive information and easily navigable. Having been a student in Sligo for four years, the website has enabled me to learn much more about the lovely parish in which I lived.

Elaine QuinnMelbourne, Australia.

My visit to the Memory of Calry website was very educational. While it contained information that I had already known through conversations with my father, it also revealed new items about my family heritage and background. I’m glad to see information on the Hargadon family of Colgagh becoming available on the website. Keep up the good work team!”

Brian HargadonOttawa, Canada

The parish of Calry is a fascinating parish with so much historical interest dating right back to the Stone Age. Calry’s influences can be seen across the globe where its young men and women immigrated to far flung cities of the planet to find work during the more difficult times in Irish History. The Memory of Calry website has been setup by the Calry Local History Society to capture the stories, events, images that so influenced and enriched many lives, preserving them for future generations.

Conor TwomeyBallybrittas, Co. Laois

A wonderful resource, full of memories and stories as well as the facts and figures . Something for both those with close connections to the area and visitors alike. Next best thing to being there

David McGowanDublin

The ‘Memory of Calry’ is an excellent website, keeping one up to date with all aspects of Calry life, from its heritage, to its people, its local events and surrounding areas of interest. Stories from the websites ‘Calry Chronicle’ are wonderfully intriguing, providing insight into people’s lives and allowing the reader to revisit memories from the past.

Noreen MaloneSligo