Calry Landscape

This section of the site presents topographical information about the Calry area.  The introductory section Where is Calry? defines the scope of the area and consequently the scope of the information coverage of this website.

Under Beautiful landscapethe natural environment of Calry is presented, covering a wide range of topics including physical geography, geology, soils, flora, fauna and various beauty spots.

The Political and administrative landscape section explains the position of Calry within the larger political setting of County Sligo and how Calry is sub-divided into townlands.

Places of interest deals mainly with the built environment and covers, antiquities, archaeological sites, historical sites and public buildings such as churches, meeting places, shops, etc.  The meanings of various place names in both the natural and built environment are described under Place names explained.

Photos, images and maps are included where appropriate to complement the narrative in each of the sections. Users are encouraged to submit photos of their favourite beauty spots around Calry.