History of Calry

This overview of the history of Calry from pre-historic days down to the present day is presented in two ways:

Firstly, a snapshot of historical events is presented in the Timeline of the History of Calry. The timeline simply references an important event and the date (sometimes approximate date) it occurred. The source of the information is also cited if available. The historical record of Calry through the ages is further classified under different periods of Irish history using the same classification system adopted by Wikipedia in presenting the history of Ireland.

Secondly, more detailed information accompanied by maps, drawings and photos, is then presented after the timeline using the same periods cited by Wikipedia which are as follows:

Prehistory (8000 BCE–400 CE)

Early Christian Ireland (400–800)

Early medieval and Viking era (800–1166)

Norman Ireland (1168–1535)

Early modern Ireland (1536–1691)

Protestant ascendancy (1691–1801)

Union with Great Britain (1801–1912)

Home Rule, Easter Rising and War of Independence (1912–1922)

Free State and Republic (1922–present)