Sport & Recereation

The importance of sport and recreation in community life cannot be overestimated. Sport and recreational activities brings people together and builds synergies that otherwise would be difficult to achieve.  Character building, social cohesion, healthy living, local development ventures, cultural awareness and artistic ability are just a few of the positive benefits that arise when individuals participate in sport and recreation.

This overview of sport and recreation in Calry from earliest recorded activities down to the present day is presented in two ways:

Firstly, a snapshot of social life is presented in the Timeline of sport and recreation. The timeline simply references an important event and the date (sometimes approximate date) it occurred. The source of the information is also cited if available.

Secondly, more detailed information is presented under the following headings:


Social and cultural events



Sports stars

There is no doubt whatsoever that Calry was an active and vibrant community down through the years. People participated in a wide range of sporting activities.  The arts and various cultural activities were also well supported