Welcome to Memory of Calry – a website owned and managed by Calry Local History Society that is dedicated to preserving the history of Calry and its surroundings from the distant past to the present.

The retention of memories relating to people, places and events enriches the knowledge and understanding available for future generations to consider about times past and provides a valuable insight into how people lived and went about their daily business.

We welcome news from people whose families were originally from Calry as well as contributions to our photograph and archive collections or even the smallest snippet of information about Calry or its people. Please send an email to memoryofcalry@gmail.com to get in touch.

This site is primarily an historical archive covering a wide array of subjects such as geography, archaeology, science, demographics, sport, recreation, property ownership, commerce, agriculture, transport, education, politics, religion, social issues, folklore, the arts and other relevant themes.  In short, the archive is about people, places, events and the legacy left by their interactions. As a guiding principle, the Memory of Calry site has been organized in a way that provides users with access to the information they need in three mouse clicks or less.  It is also mobile friendly.

The site can also accommodate individual contributions (photos, videos, memories, stories, etc).  Has anyone got any films of Calry and the local area; do you have 16mm cine or video films lurking in your attic; did you or your parents record a special event in Calry; have you any pictures taken at family and parish events? If so, and you would like to share them with the community, please get in touch.

The Photo Gallery includes part of our archive of photographs of Calry from both the past and the present. Personal memories of times past can be uploaded through the blog facility that is part of every page.

The Facebook group I live / lived in Calry is a valuable social media networking tool for linking people associated with Calry so if you are on Facebook you are encouraged to subscribe to this group by sending an email to tom@tomfox.ie and then access the news feed available.

We hope that you enjoy browsing Memory of Calry and find it interesting and engaging.  It is an ongoing project of Calry Local History Society and will be regularly updated. Please return at a later date to see the most recent changes. If you find mistakes or would like to see additional subject matter then please send an email to memoryofcalry@gmail.com to improve the coverage of the information presented.

Thank you!


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